Tile and Grout Cleaning
Express Steamway

Hot Water Extraction grout cleaning machineFloor Machine grout and tile cleaningTile and Grout is fast becoming the most popular choice today for living rooms, kitchens hallways and bathrooms. However over time, grease and soil buildup will develop on the tile and in the grout lines, making it loose it's beauty.

Express Steamway can restore the beauty and elegance to your ceramic or porcelain tile floors. We start with a non-acid prespray and follow that with Hot Water Extraction. With up to 1000 PSI water pressure at the temperature of 200-230°, we can clean all tile and grout residential or commercial.

Here at Express Steamway, we provide superior cleaning for all types of surfaces for residential and commercial clients in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Pace and Milton. Our focus is breaking of soil and reducing soil and the bacteria and restoring the beauty of your Tile & Grout.

  • Emulsifier - We use a non toxic prespray that is designed to safely and quickly loosen up the soils.
  • High Pressure - Contained high pressure water that is adjusted between 200-1500 psi to penetrate even the toughest soiled areas.
  • Heat - We use between 200-230 degree of heat that will cut through all grease and soil build up.
  • Vacuum - Our vacuum process lifts the soil and dirty water off your floors and is extracted out into our holding tank leaving Your Tile & Grout looking like New.

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Our prices are extremely Competitive and our services are outstanding.